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As independent renewable energy consultants, AE Energy Solutions is wholeheartedly committed to the development of renewable energy resources, energy efficiency, and the latest efforts to reduce the effects of climate change — and one of the fastest growing methods of sustainable living is Solar PV. But what exactly is Solar PV? And how does it work? Managing Director Andy Edwards answers your most frequently asked questions…

What is Solar PV?
PV (photovoltaics) simply refers to electricity that’s generated using sunlight.

How does it work?
Solar PV panels are generally fitted to your home’s roof at an angle facing in a southerly direction to maximize their exposure to sunlight. The panels then convert this energy into green, clean electricity that can power your home’s appliances.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the system depends on the size you require. Larger systems cost more to install but can generate more energy — which can not only save you more money but can also earn you more money!

Is my home suitable for Solar PV?
To reap the rewards you will need a strong roof or wall in a sunny spot within 90 degrees of South that is not heavily overshadowed by trees or buildings. Click here to calculate your home’s suitability! (link to widget)

Do I need planning permission?
In most cases planning permission is not required, but if you live in a listed building or conservation area, I would advise to check with your local planning authority.

Doesn’t it require constant sunshine to work?
You may be surprised to know that your Solar PV system does not need direct sunlight, and will produce energy just fine even on a cloudy day.

What if my Solar PV system doesn’t produce enough energy for my needs?
On long winter days, and of course at night, you will need an additional energy supply — but you need not worry, as your requirements will be fully supplemented by energy from the grid.

But what if my Solar PV system produces too much energy for my needs?
In this instance you will be able to make yourself some money by selling your unused energy back to the grid!

How long can I expect my Solar PV System last?
A well-designed system can last way beyond its manufacturer’s 25-year warranty on power output, and 5 years on materials and workmanship.

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