Cavity Wall Extraction

At AE Energy Solutions, our team of cavity wall extraction experts use the very latest tools and machinery to extract defective cavity wall insulation from both domestic and commercial properties across South Wales and the West.

Our specialist teams can extract  Rockwool, White wool, foam and bead insulation products from cavity walls of while causing minimal disturbance to the fabric of the building and the occupants.

This process is carried out for a number of reasons, including:

  • Defective insulation material that has the potential to break down and release toxic gasses. This risk is particularly high in early foam insulation (which was not covered by the same stringent BBA certification licences or given the same 30 year guarantee through the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency as more current insulation materials).
  • Cavity insulation getting wet. This eventually breaks down the properties of the insulation and can happen for a number of reasons such as flooding, porous brickwork or mortar, or through a burst pipe in the attic.
  • Poorly installed cavity wall insulation. A product that was installed with an incorrect drilling pattern or at the wrong density can result in damp and condensation issues.

What to expect

Starting as the base of the property – and working its way up the drilling pattern – the redundant cavity wall insulation will be removed using an industrial vacuum machine.

During the process we will check that all defective insulation material has been entirely removed, and will bag all waste material to ensure that no waste is left behind.

As a guideline, the cavity wall extraction process will take approximately two days to complete on an average 3-bedroom domestic property.

Lee Emerson (foreground) Lee Emerson (foreground) and Gary Roberts


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