Commercial Solar PV

Corporate social responsibility is a vital element of any commercial enterprise — so why not lower your carbon footprint, boost your green credentials and start generating FREE energy for your business with Solar PV?

Our Solar PV systems are ideal for both commercial and industrial sectors. From new-builds to renovations to existing buildings — Solar PV systems can be adapted to suit any style business outlet

  • AE Energy Solutions’ Solar PV Systems will:
  • Allow your business to use 100% of the energy generated
  • Protect your business from ever-rising electricity rates
  • Offer long-term financial benefits — with a return on investment of 7% — 14% every year
  • Enable you to make money by selling unused energy back to the grid
  • Add value to your commercial property

The BIGGER the system — the more MONEY you can make!

A Solar PV system will also provide your business with the added feel good factor, and allow you to impress your clients by…

  • Reducing your CO2 emissions
  • Minimising your carbon footprint
  • Creating no pollutants, fuel or waste
  • Offering a sustainable business solution
  • Demonstrating your commitment to the environment

Calculate your commercial property’s suitability for Solar PV below!

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